What you need to get started with web development

What you need to get started with web development

Photo by Gia Oris on Unsplash

Thinking of embarking on the path to becoming a web developer? It turns out you don't need much to get started. You will need two things to get started.

  1. Access to a computer, preferably a personal one.

  2. A reliable internet connection.

Choosing the right computer

If you are thinking of buying a computer to use for learning web development, another good news is that you don't need an expensive one. Any laptop that fits your budget, as long as you can download, install, and run third-party software on it, will do just fine.

Got a computer. Now what?

A computer is to a web developer like a camera is to a photographer or a musical instrument is to a musician. So, the more efficiently you can use your computer, the better prepared for your web development journey you will be.

At the very least, make sure that you are comfortable with:

  1. Creating, opening, editing, and deleting folders and files on your computer.

  2. Downloading, installing, and opening a program on your computer.

  3. Typing relatively fast

If you are just starting out with your first computer or are not too "tech savvy", here are some free resources that might help you get up to speed.

And that's about it. Pretty much anyone with any laptop, with reliable internet, and comfortable with computer basics can learn how to build web applications.

Once you have what I listed above, the first thing you will need to learn in order to be successful on this journey is "the art of searching". That art is the topic of the next article.

Until next time, stay learning✌🏿 - Nelly